Road Tough Cables and Sockets

The #1 Choice For Mission Critical Trailer Connections

Watch Road Tough Cables With Advanced Composite Plugs Be Put to the Test.

Because you need a corrosion-resistant, rugged and reliable trailer connection, always use Road Tough cables by ERICH JAEGER USA — designed and manufactured specifically for tough truckers like you.

Road Tough Products Deliver Unrivaled Reliability:

  • Up to 3 Year Warranty: Most Road Tough products are backed by an unconditional 3-year manufacturer’s warranty against material and workmanship defects.
  • Ultra-durable: Overmolded composite makes the cable plug ends crushproof!
  • Weatherproof and Corrosion Resistant: Proprietary WeatherLock sockets seal out water, dirt and the harsh environment.
  • Long Lasting: Quality components give your cables and sockets a longer life.


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